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About Us...

Our mission is to aid emerging businesses with the development of management, financial, and technical skills in a maturing environment so that they can thrive in the local business communtiy.

The Edge is looking to provide a maturing environment for existing or potential businesses. The Edge's working environment caters to individuals who already have existing businesses or individuals who only have business propositions and need assistance in getting a business up and running. The Edge will lead you in the right direction, considering any aspects pertaining to small business development.

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The EDGE has been hailed as one of the most exciting and innovative entrepreneurial centers in the region. Developed to provide business owners and prospective entrepreneurs a physical location for information and services from a multitude of providers, The EDGE is truly a "One Stop" Business Resource Center. Contact The EDGE at 205.722.5166 to begin your journey.

In today's economy and business atmosphere it takes a host of tools and know-how to succeed. Entrepreneurs now have a Center in which they can be given an EDGE over their competition and learn how to be on the cutting EDGE in their respective industries.

The EDGE offers services to prospective and new business owners, including mentoring in key areas of entrepreneurship, networking opportunities to grow your business, training and workshops, and guidance from experienced sources from the University of Alabama, Shelton State Community College, and other regional agencies. Whatever your needs, The EDGE is focused on helping you succeed and thrive in today's competitive marketplace.


So What Services Do We Offer....

Virtual and Co-Workspace

Transform your business and the way you work. Our low cost co-working environment is an alternative workplace with a creative EDGE. You'll find a great community of entrepreneurs and professional space designed to work the way you work. This open air area of drop-in desks located in the center of The EDGE, allows a new concept in productivity for the entrepreneur. Five levels of monthly membership offers a versatile business solution for drop-in space, virtual offices, meeting space and training, or a first step away from working at home. For more information download the application packet by clicking here.

Incubation Space

The EDGE offers an incubation program for new and developing businesses. Through this program, resident businesses can take advantage of affordable office space and shared resources such as administrative support, audiovisual equipment, copying equipment, meeting rooms and low-cost telephone, fax and internet services. This is a private office space that you have access to 24/7. Allowing start-up businesses to allocate more of their time and resources to other areas during their critical growth period. Click here to apply for an incubator space.

Counseling and Mentoring

Understanding the process of starting and growing a business can be extremely complicated. Those who utilize The EDGE have access to one-on-one counseling from experienced business professionals and subject matter experts to help them at every stage of their development, from idea conception to business expansion. Mirroring the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama’s One Stop Business License and Permitting Center found online at, The EDGE’s personnel are positioned to guide individuals through the process of complying with municipal, county, state and federal policies, procedures and regulations. Individuals can also be referred to professional mentors based on their specific needs, whether it is developing business plans, maximizing the use of technology, or adopting long-term strategies for growth. The EDGE also provides guidance on the basic, day-to-day operations required to run a business, such as bookkeeping and human resources.

Education and Training

The EDGE offers a variety of classes, workshops and seminars to aid in every stage of business development. Subject matter experts from the local business and higher education communities will provide practical, relevant information to help businesses navigate the complex issues of today’s economic climate. Budding entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners and everyone in between will find an education track to meet their needs.

Minority Business Support

Minority-owned businesses often face unique challenges in both their establishment and sustainability. In partnership with the Minority Business Council (MBC) of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, The EDGE offers mentoring and networking opportunities with successful minority business owners who have overcome those challenges. The EDGE and MBC also host training, workshops and seminars that are specifically geared toward helping minority-owned businesses achieve success.

Access to Funding

Access to sufficient capital is often one of the major obstacles to starting and growing a business. The EDGE can assist new and existing business owners in exploring the wide variety of funding sources that are available in today’s marketplace. Loan application assistance is available, as is training on how to pursue local, state and federal government contracts. The EDGE also provides exposure to private equity groups, such as the Tuscaloosa Angel Network, and encourages opportunities for private investment in new and existing businesses with high-growth potential.

Marketing and Advertising

In conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, The EDGE offers businesses a variety of networking and promotional opportunities throughout the year, such as the “Chamber Connects” Business After Hours. The EDGE also has public relations and media specialists available to assist businesses with effective marketing and advertising strategies.

Contact Us

The Edge Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
800 22nd Ave
Tuscaloosa, AL 25401

Map to The EDGE

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