Payscape Perk Pays Off for Members

Credit card processing fees can be a challenge for small businesses to tackle. Though all businesses pay processing fees, they may prove cumbersome for businesses who do not have the resources of a larger company. 

Fortunately, if you’re a member of the Chamber, there’s a solution right at your fingertips. A Chamber Perk introduced in March of this year partners the Chamber with Payscape. Payscape provides a members-only discount on processing fees and a high level of service that members won’t receive elsewhere. Payscape's goal is to members reduce payment processing costs while streamlining operations. Services such as mobile payments, tablet-based POS systems, website-building, and more are all available to members at low costs. 

Ronnie Barr, a local sales representative for Payscape, said, “We are able to offer discounted processing rates due to the large number of active members and the opportunity to work with each of them." Barr ensures he is available to Payscape’s Tuscaloosa customers, always ready to show up in person to offer help. 

Barr detailed some of the ways members stand to benefit from this perk. Not only does Payscape offer low processing costs and a high level of hands-on service, but they also seek to speed the rate at which businesses receive payment and offer a variety of ways to accept credit card payments. 

Barr emphasized how Payscape values their customers. “We want to see our customers succeed and share in their success," he said. "I absolutely love what I do and being able to be even a small piece of their success is very gratifying to me.” Payscape provides Chamber members with the best prices and range of services available in Tuscaloosa, he says. With a local sales representative, great services, and a processing fee discount you won’t find elsewhere, members will find that trying Payscape is likely to pay off.