Don't Miss Media Interviewing, February 5

As business professionals, you work hard to reach your goals. Then, a reporter calls. Maybe it’s to get a story about an event you are planning. Maybe it’s to get your comment on a crisis situation. Whether it’s good news or bad, are you prepared to work with the media to get your story told?
This session goes deep into the part of media relations that most textbooks leave out — how to talk on camera; how to block a negative question and bridge to your key messages; the differences in working with print, broadcast, and online media; how to look professional during a Skype interview; and, most of all, what to wear. Yes, these are all important details that can take you from amateur to professional status and elevate the credibility of you AND your company. If you are already an expert in media relations, this will be an opportunity to sharpen your skills while helping your colleagues develop theirs.

Just $45 for members; $55 for non-members.