West Alabama Chamber of Commerce E-Cycling Day


University Mall
Back Parking Lot

(behind Belk’s Mens Store)


September 6 & 7, 2013



9am - 3:00pm


E-Cycling Day Dropoff Location


The West Alabama Chamber of Commerce, the City of Tuscaloosa, and the City of Northport will host the annual electronics recycling collection event for West Alabama on September 6 and 7. The last event as a huge success with over 1200 participants and over 75 volunteers.

LCD monitor Personal digital assistantCables

Every year, over 2 million tons of electronic equipment are discarded in landfills across the United States. Which means an enormous amount of recyclable steel, glass, plastic and precious metals is simply wasted. Even worse, hazardous residue from electronic waste can make its way into groundwater and the local ecosystem.

E-cycling collection day

Please do your part to safely reclaim and reuse electronic waste, and help keep West Alabama clean and beautiful. Part of the proceeds for the event go to help the Pre-K Initiative.

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All site content © 2009 the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce. All West Alabamians are invited to drop off any of their old electronic equipment for safe reclamation at the West Alabama E-Cycling Day. Monetary donations to help defray expenses are welcomed. Monetary donations from individuals, organizations and businesses dropping off large amounts of equipment are encouraged. The Chamber, City of Tuscaloosa, City of Northport and its sponsors assume no responsibility for any data left in the memory and/or storage system of any and all equipment collected at the event.